Corpotherma: Efficient Heating Systems for Sustainable Living

Corpotherma is a well-known brand in the field of bathroom and design radiators, offering a competitive price-performance ratio. The company was founded in Austria in 1992. The central warehouse and shipping are located in Germany. The manufacturer specializes in home technology, particularly in bathroom and design radiators.

Discover the Diversity of Corpotherma's Extensive Product Portfolio

The manufacturer's range is diverse and extends from bathroom radiators to infrared heating panels, to room radiators and purely electric variants. Particularly noteworthy are the bathroom radiators and the infrared heating.

The company offers a wide range of bathroom radiators, including entry-level models, modern classics, and variants made of chrome and stainless steel. Since the manufacturer customizes the bathroom radiators, they are available in various shapes and colors.

The infrared heating panels are available in various designs, including aluminum, glass (black and white), mirror, and ceramic. They also offer exclusive designs and accessories for infrared heating.

Customized Warmth: Individual Solutions for Every Need

Corpotherma places great emphasis on individual solutions. With the broad spectrum of types, shapes, and colors, it is possible to meet the specific wishes and requirements of customers. The radiators are adapted to the existing connections, not the other way around.

The manufacturer uses high-quality materials such as aluminum, glass, and stainless steel. Through collaborations with reputable suppliers, it is also possible to fulfill unusual wishes in terms of design and materials. The quality of the products speaks for itself.

More Than Heating: Your Solution for a Stylish Home

Corpotherma positions itself as an expert in customized heating systems; it is a specialist in individual heating solutions. Whether you are looking for a bathroom radiator or an infrared heating panel, here you will find quality, design, and individuality in one.