Dallmer: A Pioneer in Sanitary Technology

Dallmer is a German company that has been active in the sanitary industry since 1913. Originally founded as a small forge, the company has developed into an internationally recognized manufacturer of sanitary products. The company specializes in the development of innovative solutions for the sanitary sector, with a focus on quality and design.

Diversity and Quality: The Dallmer Product Range

The manufacturer's product range is diverse and includes products such as shower channels, floor drains, and odor traps. Particularly noteworthy are the shower channels and the floor drain. The products of the sanitary manufacturer impress with their high quality and appealing design. In addition, the company also offers special solutions like the furniture siphon and the Connect active drainage, which enables floor-level showers even where the gradient for traditional gravity drainage is lacking.

Durability Meets Design: Material and User-Friendliness

Longevity and durability characterize the manufacturer's products. Dallmer's sanitary technology products are made from high-quality materials such as stainless steel and plastic, which guarantee a long lifespan. Furthermore, the materials are aesthetically pleasing, meeting the high design standards of the manufacturer. Additionally, the products are easy to install and maintain, making them particularly user-friendly.

Outstanding Quality: The Awards of Dallmer

Over the years, the company has received numerous awards for its products. The company is particularly proud of the multiple accolades for their shower channels, especially from the DallFlex family such as CeraFloor Select, CeraFloor Individual, CeraWall Select, CeraWall Individual, and Zentrix. These awards confirm the high importance that the manufacturer places on the design and layout of its products.

A Century of Innovation: Your Choice for Excellence in the Sanitary Sector

If you are looking for high-quality and innovative sanitary products, Dallmer is the right choice. With a broad product range that spans from shower channels to floor drains, odor traps, and furniture siphons, the company offers the appropriate solution for every need.