Geberit has made a name for itself worldwide as a manufacturer of countless bathroom and sanitary products. Founded in 1874 in Rapperswill, the Swiss company is now the European market leader for sanitary products and is constantly setting new standards in the industry. Geberit passionately combines aesthetic design, innovative technologies and outstanding functionality. The goal is to sustainably improve people's quality of life through innovations in sanitary technology. To this day, one of the most important success factors is the high quality and reliability of Geberit products. Plumbers, planners and architects also trust in the high standards that Geberit has set for its products for almost 150 years. Whether for a new building or for renovations, Geberit has the right solution for every requirement.
"Geberit's product range includes complete bathroom equipment - from piping and flushing systems to innovative shower toilets, push plates, shower channels, bathtubs, bathroom furniture and beautifully designed bathroom ceramics. With the takeover of the Scandinavian sanitary ceramics manufacturer Sanitec Group, which also included Keramag, Geberit expanded its product range enormously in 2015 and turned from a sanitary technology specialist into a complete bathroom all-rounder. With the slogan "Design Meets Function", Geberit continuously shows new possibilities for modern bathroom design. The integration of Keramag enriches Geberit's range mainly with bathroom ceramics and matching bathroom furniture, as well as some bathtubs, mirrors and mirror cabinets. Successful series from Keramag will continue to be available in the usual high quality, albeit with slight name changes. "

With the acquisition of traditional ceramic brands such as Keramag, Geberit has complemented its reliable technology and know-how with perfectly shaped bathroom equipment. Whether you are looking for washbasin solutions for small bathrooms, floor-level showers, easy-care WCs or bidets, you will find the right Geberit ceramic products for all your needs. Well thought-out shapes, smooth surfaces, easy-care rims and hygienic WCs all contribute to Geberit bathroom ceramics being particularly easy to clean.
Geberit offers a wide range of moisture-resistant tall cabinets, shelves, mirrors and vanity units with different colours and surfaces. Some furniture is optionally available with different handles and a surface in high-gloss lacquer or wood veneer. With such a diverse selection, there is something for every taste. The absolute bestsellers include the illuminated mirror option and mirror cabinets, which not only provide useful storage space but also create pleasant lighting atmospheres in the bathroom.
"Geberit was involved in the development of shower toilets at an early stage, launching the "Geberella" model on the market in 1978. Since then, Geberit has been one of the pioneers in Europe when it comes to shower toilets. With the AquaClean shower toilet series, new standards for a modern bathroom were created. It is not without reason that the three AquaClean shower toilets Sela, Mera and Tuma are among the most popular Geberit products. The shower toilets clean the buttocks with practical comfort functions, ensuring hygiene, cleanliness and well-being." Find out more about the differences between the three AquaClean shower toilets here.

The reliable technology inherent in Geberit pre-wall elements makes them popular with craftsmen and bathroom owners alike. Thanks to the various pre-wall systems, all special wishes and requirements for a real dream bathroom can be excellently fulfilled and implemented. Exclusive lever handle plates in various designs and beautifully shaped toilets round off the overall picture perfectly and create a new atmosphere in the bathroom. Pipe feeds and corresponding fittings for all areas ensure perfect installation and also provide the right sound insulation. In this way, the interaction of the individual elements ensures that the complete installation is equipped with products from Geberit. As the individual items are coordinated with each other, there are also no difficulties whatsoever in making transitions and creating connections.