Kamba: Innovative Products for Slip Safety in the Bathroom

Kamba is a German company that specializes in anti-slip systems. With heart, passion, and the best materials, the manufacturer has developed high-quality anti-slip systems that comply with DIN standards. The company's long-standing experience in terms of safety against falls due to slipping makes it a valuable advisor in this area.

Making Showers and Bathtubs Slip-Resistant

The manufacturer's range includes, in particular, anti-slip coatings for the bathroom, bathtub, and shower. The products are easy to apply and come in a complete set that contains everything you need for professional coating. Particularly noteworthy is the antibacterial anti-slip coating, which is also suitable for bathrooms without windows. The products are TÜV/LGA certified and offer the highest level of slip safety.

Kamba places great emphasis on quality and produces all products in Germany. The one-component system with UV protection is transparent and hardly affects the appearance of the substrate, if at all.

Kamba focuses on environmentally friendly production. Since production began in 2016, the company has refrained from using microplastics and toxic substances. The packaging is made from 100% recycled cardboard, and the liquid containers are made from recycled plastics.

More Safety in the Bathroom with Kamba

All products from the manufacturer are TÜV/LGA certified and accordingly certified, which underlines the quality and safety of the products.

With Kamba products, you are therefore slip-resistant and safe on the go, without having to compromise on quality or environmental friendliness.