Kermi: Your Leading Provider for Shower Design

Kermi is a company with a long tradition, founded in 1960. It is part of the Arbonia AG and has developed over the years into one of the leading providers in the field of shower design.

The manufacturer's range is diverse and innovative. In the area of shower design, the company offers everything from shower cabins to shower partitions. Particularly noteworthy are the spare parts for shower cabins, which guarantee a long lifespan and quality.

Quality and Sustainability at Kermi

The manufacturer places great emphasis on quality and sustainability. The products are not only high-quality but also resource-efficient and energy-efficient. The valve inserts and other components are designed to be easy to install and maintain.

The materials that Kermi uses are of the highest quality.

Company Policy and Awards

Kermi is committed to the principle of sustainability and aims for resource-efficient and energy-efficient production. The company has received various certificates for its quality and environmental management system.

Whether you are looking for a new shower door or other products for your home, the company offers you a wide range of high-quality and sustainable solutions.

Discover the world of Kermi now and feel completely comfortable in your home!