The clear design. The brilliant craftsmanship – Swiss Made from aluminum. Always the right light, morning, evening, night. Rejuvenate, relax. Schneider's mirror cabinets and light mirrors transform your bathroom into a place of comfort.
Schneider mirror cabinets and light mirrors ensure pleasant lighting conditions in the bathroom. To find the optimal lighting in your dream bathroom, various factors play a role. The chosen wall and ceiling colors, as well as the color or materiality of the bathroom ceramics and furniture, have a significant influence. To meet all the requirements in the bathroom regarding light, there are perfect solutions from Schneider.

All mirror cabinets and light mirrors from Schneider are made of aluminum. The material is infinitely recyclable and is characterized by durability, stability, and a host of other positive properties. The consistent use of environmentally friendly LED technology, along with optimized cardboard packaging, also conserves valuable resources.
Founded in 1953, Schneider is the Swiss market leader for mirror cabinets and light mirrors. The over 70 years of experience as an innovator and producer is reflected in high-quality products designed for longevity. Against the magnificent backdrop of the Alps, mirror cabinets and light mirrors are produced at the Flums (Switzerland) production facility, meeting the highest standards of design and craftsmanship.