Sprinz: Your Glass Shower Enclosure or Partition

Sprinz is a German company specializing in the manufacture of glass products for the sanitary sector. With a company philosophy that focuses on quality and design, Sprinz has developed into a leading provider in this segment.

Your Dream Bathroom Within Reach: Diverse Selection and Custom Solutions

The manufacturer's range is diverse and offers a suitable solution for every taste. Glass shower enclosures and partitions are the main products of the manufacturer. Whether you are looking for a floor-level, barrier-free shower enclosure or a frameless glass shower, Sprinz has the right solution for you.

The manufacturer's products are not only visually appealing but also functionally well-designed. They are easy to clean and offer barrier-free solutions. In addition, customized solutions for individual bathrooms and challenging installation situations are possible.

Elegance Meets Functionality: Why Sprinz is the First Choice

Sprinz places great emphasis on the quality of materials. All products are made from high-quality genuine glass, available in various options such as frosted glass or with individual motifs.

The company has received several awards for its design and quality, underscoring its position as one of the leading providers in the sanitary sector.

The manufacturer combines quality, design, and functionality in its stylish products. Choose Sprinz's excellent glass shower enclosures or partitions for the furnishing of your bathroom.