TECE: Where Quality, Design, and Sustainability Meet in Sanitary Solutions

TECE is a family-owned, medium-sized enterprise that has built a reputation through its unique proximity and dialogue with its customers. With its headquarters in Emsdetten and 27 locations worldwide, the company offers competent local contacts.

The manufacturer's product range is diverse and includes, among other things, flush tanks, flush plates, shower channels, and actuation plates. Particularly noteworthy is the intelligent WC terminal TECElux, which not only thinks but also grows with you.

Quality & Service at TECE

The company places great emphasis on quality and service. The products are well-thought-out, offer excellent quality, and make the installer's job easier. Furthermore, the company is known for its sustainable and value-conscious work ethic.

The use of high-quality materials that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing reflects the durability and design of the products.

Design & Layout

As society changes, architecture also evolves. Therefore, TECE places great importance on design and layout. The products offer maximum freedom in design and support individual bathroom plans.

The company is known for its innovative solutions and has received various awards in the past.

Discover the world of TECE and experience sanitary solutions that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing and sustainable. With TECE Drainline and other products, you are always on the safe side.