KALDEWEI Luxstainable® bathroom solutions

For over 100 years, and in its fourth generation today, the German family-owned company KALDEWEI has been manufacturing its range of products for bathrooms from the particularly robust and sustainable material steel-enamel. The bathroom portfolio of KALDEWEI includes well-designed washbasins, bathtubs and shower surfaces as well as installation systems for easy installation.

As the products are made of fine KALDEWEI steel-enamel, they can be completely, 100 %, recycled at the end of their long service life. With all these features the premium manufacturer makes the best contribution to future-oriented and environmentally friendly construction.
For a long time now, bathing has not just been about hygiene, but rather about relaxation from stressful everyday life, comfort and wellness within your own living environment. In this aspect , a high-quality bathtub can make a big difference.

KALDEWEI offers the right bathtub for every need, from affordable entry-level models, angular or oval designs to free-standing luxury bathtubs.

With the highest standards in design, quality and durability, KALDEWEI bathtubs fulfil our customers' individual wishes in terms of shape, size and colour.

Nowadays, the requirements of modern bathrooms are quite hard to fulfil. The shower area should be barrier-free, non-slip, easy-to-install and flexible in order to be integrated into different room situations.

To meet the growing demands, KALDEWEI has developed holistic and innovative systems that leave absolutely nothing else to be desired in the bathroom planning. The shower solutions guarantee a relaxing, refreshing and soothing showering experience for any bathroom size.
Whether the purist, simple elegance of the CONO washbasin or the sensual design of the MIENA washbasin bowls - the KALDEWEI washbasins will complete the range. This includes double washbasins, bowl basins, small hand washbasins or washbasins as built-in, under-counter or top-mounted versions.

With the washbasins made by KALDEWEI, a completely new quality can be found at the washing place. Fascinating in form due to iconic design, superior in material due to unique KALDEWEI steel-enamel.
The perfect material for perfect design has a name: KALDEWEI steel enamel.
For KALDEWEI's globally appreciated material, robust steel and resistant glass form an inseparable bond that combines the strengths of each material into an ideal symbiosis.

Steel stands for high resilience, robustness and shapeliness.
Glass is particularly resistant to chemical or thermal stress and offers an excellent appearance.
For almost a century until today, the recipe and manufacturing processes for steel enamel made by KALDEWEI have been continuously developed and perfected.
"Kaldewei has firmly anchored the topic of sustainability in its DNA. For more than 100 years, the family business has been transforming natural raw materials into durable, timelessly beautiful sanitary products for generations.

The enameled steel is 100 % recyclable and exclusively produced "Made in Germany" at the production site in Ahlen.

In 2021, KALDEWEI was the first sanitary company to sign the "Science Based Targets" and set out on the path to climate-neutral production. For some time now, the company has been providing significant support to the WWF marine conservation program. Out of a sense of responsibility towards the environment and future generations."