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As a top supplier of first-class fittings and accessories, Dornbracht enriches your bathroom, spa area and kitchen with exclusive design and technical sophistication.
Give your bathroom an individual touch with the designer fittings, available in luxurious finishes, a wide range of colours and unique shapes.

The META series impresses with its clean lines and timeless design - perfect for today's purist bathroom. TARA, the classic Dornbracht series, embodies a modern interpretation of historic bathroom culture with its characteristic cross handles. VAIA stands for soft, flowing transitions and harmonises with both cosmopolitan and traditional styles. And then there is CYO, our latest series, which has its finger on the pulse of the times. With a bold combination of round and angular shapes, CYO sets new standards in fitting design.

Which series should move into your bathroom? Take advantage of our Black Week offers to design your personal wellness oasis with Dornbracht.

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