Duravit Bathroom Accessories

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Discover the Luxury Feel with Duravit Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is more than just a functional space in your home. It's where you start and end your day, where you relax and pamper yourself. In making this precious room in your home something special, besides the major elements like bathtubs and toilets, the small, refined details also play an important role. With the right accessories, your ordinary bathroom can quickly transform into a luxurious wellness oasis.

Expand Your Bathroom Horizons with Duravit

Duravit is widely known for its exclusive porcelain series and attractive bathtubs and whirlpools. However, the product range of this renowned manufacturer extends far beyond ceramics. Shower trays with matching shower enclosures are also part of the offer as well as a variety of elegant equipment series. With various holders, hooks, and sets, you can stylishly highlight every element of your bathroom and enhance it in a way that gives your space enduring value. But Duravit accessories are not only extremely practical; they also captivate with their breathtaking, timeless design.

Paper Holders and Brush Sets - Masterpieces of Designers

Duravit bathroom accessories are designed by various designers, making them stand out with their elegant appearance. Whether you prefer classic or modern designs, the diversity of the items on offer allows you to perfectly showcase your individual taste.

Soap Holders and Soap Dispensers - Details Make the Difference

The items from the D-Code series impress with their curved, round shape. Soap dishes and glass holders, as well as the towel ring, harmonize perfectly with the various hooks, bath towel holders, and paper roll holders.

Bathtub Handles and Bath Towel Holders - Comfort Meets Design

In addition to the already impressive collection, a stylish brush set, cosmetic mirror, soap dispenser, and bathtub handle provide that certain something that completes this collection, making it an excellent choice for every taste.

Cosmetic Mirror - The Final Touch for Your Bathroom

Friends of clear lines and edges probably prefer the Karree series. All products of this line display a square, straight shape, giving your bathroom a unique atmosphere. For those who desire a more extravagant decor, the accessories from the Starck 1 series are the perfect choice. In this series, you will find items that are unique in shape and surely can't be found twice. With Duravit's accessories, you can fulfill all your desires and ideas for a perfectly furnished bathroom.

Your Bathroom, Your Choice

Whether you prefer a minimalist, luxurious, or contemporary design, with Duravit accessories you have the opportunity to design your bathroom according to your visions. With a wide range of designs and styles, it's easier than ever to create a bathroom that is not only functional but also visually appealing. Let yourself be inspired by the variety of Duravit accessories and create your dream bathroom.