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Excellent Shop Award 10 Years

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Dornbracht Madison fittings

The Dornbracht Madison fittings embody timeless elegance and rise to become a true grande dame in the field of designer bathroom fittings. With their opulent and authentic appearance, they add a refined touch to contemporary interiors and become defining accessories in any bathroom.

The special feature of the Dornbracht Madison fittings is their elaborate design, which impresses with both aesthetic details and functional elements. The fitting is equipped with a hexagonal spout that is not only unique but also a real eye-catcher. This striking design element gives the Dornbracht wall-mounted fittings an extraordinary presence and underlines their high quality.

Another characteristic feature of the Dornbracht Madison series are the detailed handles, which are decorated with porcelain plates. These lovingly designed handles are eye-catching and give the Dornbracht Madison Armaturen an elegant and luxurious look. The porcelain plates blend harmoniously into the overall concept and give the fittings a touch of nostalgia and vintage charm.

The opulence of the Dornbracht Madison fittings is a statement in itself and fits perfectly with an exclusive and luxurious bathroom ambience. Every component of the fittings exudes meticulous craftsmanship and shows the attention to detail for which Dornbracht is renowned. The design of the Madison series is timeless and will continue to unfold its aesthetic effect for many years to come.

Furthermore, the Madison series embodies authenticity in its purest form. It expresses personality and character and can be integrated into various styles and interiors. Whether classically elegant, modern-minimalist or rustic-traditional - the Madison fittings fit seamlessly into any bathroom concept and enrich it with their unique charm.

With the Dornbracht Madison fittings, you get a designer fitting in your bathroom that is timeless, opulent and authentic. It combines luxurious design with the highest quality and functionality, making it an indispensable accessory for sophisticated bathrooms. Let yourself be enchanted by the grande dame of the bathroom and enjoy the unique flair that the Madison series brings with it.

Dornbracht Madison water tap for wall mounting

With the Dornbracht Madison wall-mounted tap, you get a high-quality product that is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. The precise direction of the water jet, the easy installation and the environmentally friendly features make this tap an excellent choice for your bathroom. Experience the comfort and quality that Dornbracht wall-mounted taps offer.

The Dornbracht Madison wall-mounted tap has a projection of 190 mm, which provides a comfortable reach for using the water jet. The spout is rigid and ensures precise alignment of the water flow, and it produces a round, air-enriched jet that guarantees pleasant, splash-free water enjoyment.

The Dornbracht Madison tap for wall mounting has a bore diameter of 40 mm for the side valve and the spout. This allows for easy installation and ensures a stable and secure attachment to the wall. The push rosettes provide a neat finish on the wall that is also aesthetically pleasing.

The flow rate of the fitting is limited to a maximum of 7 l/min to save water while ensuring efficient use. In addition, the wall-mounted fittings are lead-free, which ensures environment-friendly water quality that is not harmful to health.

Dornbracht Madison wall fittings

The Dornbracht Madison wall fittings are characterised by their courage to use colour and offer the possibility of combining them individually with different structures and surfaces. This series enables a fascinating interplay of elements and opens up a wide range of design options.

The smooth flowing shapes of the Madison fittings are reminiscent of textile structures and lend them an elegant and at the same time organic aesthetic. High-contrast colour and material combinations skilfully set the scene for the fitting. One example is the exciting combination of black with old rose, where hard and soft textures meet to create a harmonious contrast.

Thanks to these versatile design options, the Dornbracht Madison wall fittings can be perfectly adapted to individual preferences and the style of the bathroom. Whether you opt for a classic, minimalist variant or prefer a modern, experimental look, the Madison series offers the flexibility to combine different design elements to create a unique and personal ambience.

With the Dornbracht Madison wall fittings, you have the opportunity to let your creativity run free and give your bathroom design an individual touch. Whether you choose subtle shades and textures or want to create bold contrasts, this range gives you the freedom to follow your vision and make the bathroom an inspiring and inviting space.

Shower fittings

The Dornbracht Madison shower fittings offer a wide range of high-quality shower mixers for wall mounting. These fitting are equipped with self-protection against backflow, which ensures safe and reliable use.

The Madison series shower fittings are available in four elegant colours: chrome, brass, platinum and mat platinum. This colour range makes it possible to harmoniously match the fittings to the design of the bathroom and create a coherent overall look.

The shower fittings made by Dornbracht not only impress with their aesthetic appearance, but also with their high quality and functionality. They offer a reliable water flow and convenient operation. With their durable construction and first-class workmanship, they ensure that you will enjoy your shower for a long time.

Dornbracht Madison shower head

The Dornbracht Madison shower head is equipped with a 55 mm diameter rosette, which not only creates an aesthetic finish, but also ensures a secure and stable attachment.

Another highlight of this shower set is the anti-limescale system, which enables easy cleaning and long-term functionality. This innovative technology reduces the formation of limescale deposits and thus optimises the performance of the shower head.

With a maximum flow rate of 9 l/min, the Dornbracht Madison shower head offers an adequate amount of water to provide a comfortable and invigorating shower experience.

The ball joint of the Madison shower head can be swivelled by 25° and allows flexible adjustment in any direction. This allows the water jet to be targeted to ensure an optimal showering experience with this shower set.

In addition, the Dornbracht Madison shower head is triple adjustable and offers three different jet types: normal jet, soft jet and massage jet. This allows you to select the desired jet type according to your preferences and needs and enjoy an individual shower experience.

Washbasin fittings

The Dornbracht Madison washbasin fittings offer a wide range of options to suit your personal preferences and requirements. They are available in various designs, including a three-hole basin mixer with drain set and a choice of cross handles or levers on the side valves. Alternatively, a single-hole basin mixer with drain set is also available.

The washbasin fittings of the Madison series are characterised by a fixed spout. The round, air-enriched jet ensures pleasant, splash-free water enjoyment. The washbasin fittings blend harmoniously into the overall appearance of the washbasin. They are lead-free and thus offer environmentally-friendly water quality that is harmless to health.

It is important to note that the washbasin taps are only suitable for basins with an overflow. This ensures proper drainage and prevents the basin from overflowing.

The odour trap is also an important component of the Dornbracht Madison bathroom fittings that ensures hygienic and odour-free use of the washbasin.

The odour trap, also known as a siphon, is located below the washbasin and prevents unpleasant odours from rising from the waste water pipe. It consists of a curved pipe filled with water. This water barrier forms a seal against unwanted odour emissions.

The odour trap of the Dornbracht Madison washbasin fittings meets the highest standards in terms of quality and functionality. It is designed to effectively trap odours and prevent them from entering the room. This ensures a pleasant and hygienic environment in the bathroom.

Shower head

The Dornbracht Madison shower set offers a luxurious shower experience with a metal hand shower that features an elegant porcelain handle in white. This combination of metal and porcelain gives the shower set a timeless elegance.

The shower set is equipped with a normal spray, which provides a pleasant and uniform shower experience. Thanks to the anti-limescale system, the hand shower is easy to clean and maintains its optimum performance for a long time.

With a diameter of 64 mm, the shower head offers generous coverage and ensures a large-area water jet distribution. The maximum flow rate is 9 l/min to ensure a comfortable water flow and save water at the same time.

The Dornbracht Madison shower set is intrinsically safe against backflow, which ensures safe and reliable use. This feature ensures that no water flows back into the drinking water pipe, thus protecting the water quality.

With the Dornbracht Madison shower set, you will receive a high-quality product that is convincing in terms of both design and functionality.

Perfect shower experience with the Showerpipe

The Dornbracht Madison Showerpipe offers a luxurious shower experience with a wide range of functions. The projection of the standing shower is an impressive 420 mm, which provides generous coverage and a pleasant flow of water.

The Showerpipe is equipped with a rain shower with a diameter of 200 mm. This provides a refreshing shower experience and ensures a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Thanks to the integrated anti-limescale system, the rain shower is easy to clean and maintains its optimal performance over a long period of time.

The maximum flow rate of the rain shower is 9 l/min to ensure a comfortable water flow and save water at the same time.

The Dornbracht Madison Showerpipe has a practical swivel to switch between the stand shower and the hand shower. Please note that this item does not include a hand shower.

The Showerpipe is intrinsically safe against backflow, which ensures safe and reliable use. This ensures that no water flows back into the drinking water pipe and thus the water quality remains protected.

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