Dornbracht META Bathroom fittings

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Dornbracht Meta fittings

The Dornbracht Meta fittings combine minimalist design with timeless elegance. With their clear lines and reduced design, they are true masterpieces of minimalism. Designed by Sieger Design, these fittings embody the perfect symbiosis of aesthetics and functionality.

The Dornbracht Meta fittings offer a wide range of design options and fit seamlessly into various bathroom concepts. Their minimalist design makes them extremely versatile and contemporary. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist bathroom or a classically elegant ambience, mixers blend harmoniously into any style.

The clear lines of the Dornbracht Meta fittings give them a timeless sense of style. They radiate a timeless elegance that will continue to impress for years to come. Their universality makes them suitable for a wide range of washbasins and lends an appealing aesthetic to any bathroom.

In addition to their aesthetic design, the Dornbracht Meta fittings also impress with their high-quality workmanship and functionality. Dornbracht attaches great importance to quality and durability, so you can rely on a fitting that will give you pleasure for a long time.

The Meta series made by Dornbracht is more than just a fitting - it is a statement. It embodies modernity and personality and focuses on the essentials. With the Meta series, you can bring a piece of timeless design and individual style into your bathroom.

Be inspired by the minimalist and clear aesthetics of the Dornbracht Meta fittings and turn your bathroom into a place of peace and harmony. Discover the variety of possibilities offered by the Meta series and create your own individual bathroom concept that reflects your personality.

Dornbracht Meta washbasin fittings

The Dornbracht Meta washbasin fittings offer an impressive variety of models, all with a rigidly aligned spout and a round, air-enriched jet. Each model is distinguished by its unique features and complements the minimalist design of the Meta series in an individual way.

The Meta single-lever washbasin mixer with drain set is a classic variant that perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics. It enables simple and precise control of the water flow and temperature. The drain set ensures clean drainage of the washbasin and harmoniously rounds off the overall appearance.

For those who prefer a slimmer design, there is the Meta Slim single-lever washbasin mixer with drain set. These Dornbracht Meta washbasin fittings are characterised by their particularly filigree design, making a modern statement in the bathroom.

The Meta Pure single-lever washbasin mixer with drain set embodies pure elegance. With its clear lines and timeless design, it fits seamlessly into any stylish bathroom. It combines aesthetics and functionality at the highest level and creates a pleasant atmosphere in the washing area.

For a raised positioning of the tap, Dornbracht offers the Meta single-lever washbasin mixer with raised base without drain set. This variant gives the washing area a special look and provides a striking eye-catcher. The clear lines and minimalist design are retained.

In addition, the Meta series also offers a single-lever washbasin mixer with standpipe without drain set. This mixer gives the washing area a certain lightness and makes the washbasin seem to float. The standpipe forms a harmonious connection between the basin and the mixer.

For innovative and touch-free operation, the Dornbracht Meta washbasin fittings are available with an electronic opening and closing function without a drain set. Controlled by a sensor, the water flow opens and closes automatically as soon as hands come close to the sensor. This modern technology enables hygienic use and ensures a comfortable experience in the bathroom.

Dornbracht Meta bathtub fittings

The series-specific Dornbracht Meta bathtub fittings are specially designed for freestanding installation and offer a range of features to enrich your bathing experience. With a 281 mm projection and 360° swivel spout, this bathtub fitting offers maximum flexibility and convenience.

The spout of the Dornbracht Meta bathtub fittings produces a round, air-enriched jet that provides a pleasant and gentle water experience. The bathtub fitting is also equipped with a hose shower set that produces a normal jet. The bar hand shower has an anti-limescale system that reduces the formation of limescale deposits and ensures long-lasting performance.

The Dornbracht Meta bathtub fittings are equipped with a shower holder that allows convenient storage of the hand shower. Thanks to the automatic switch between bathtub and shower, you can easily switch between the different functions without having to manually switch the bathtub fitting.

The overall height of the bathtub fitting is between 1031 and 1101 mm, with the standpipe having a height of 565 to 635 mm. The height to the aerator varies between 899 and 969 mm. The metal shower hose is 1250 mm long and has an integrated anti-twist device that ensures safe and comfortable use.

The maximum flow rate of the bathtub fitting is 19.5 l/min at a flow pressure of 3 bar. The hose shower set has a maximum flow rate of 6.8 l/min. In addition, the fitting is intrinsically safe against backflow, which means that the water will not flow back into the pipe system, ensuring safe use.

The Dornbracht Meta bathtub fitting does not only offer you a modern and appealing design, but also a variety of practical functions for a comfortable and luxurious bathing experience. Enjoy the flexibility, comfort and safety of this high-quality fitting and turn your bathtub into a place of relaxation and recuperation.

Water tap for the bathroom

The Dornbracht Meta water tap for the bathroom impresses with its minimalist design, which exudes timeless elegance. A characteristic feature of the Meta series is the connection of the lever and fitting at an exact 90-degree angle on the cylindrical fitting body. This precise alignment gives the water tap for the bathroom a special aesthetic and creates a perfect parallelism between lever and fitting.

The filigree gap of the notchless lever base reinforces the minimalist approach and blends seamlessly into the overall picture. These clear lines and the precise alignment of the elements create a harmonious aesthetic that embodies minimalism in its pure form.

The minimalist design of the Meta water tap fits perfectly into different bathroom styles and can be combined in many ways. Whether you prefer a modern and puristic bathroom or a classic and timeless look, the Meta water tap for the bathroom adapts effortlessly and gives your bathroom a special radiance.

With the Meta series made by Dornbracht, you get minimalist design in its purest form in your bathroom. The clear lines, the exact alignment and the perfect parallelism between the lever and the fitting make the Meta water tap a real eye-catcher. At the same time, the minimalist design ensures that the water tap is not obtrusive, but blends harmoniously into the overall appearance of the bathroom.

Dornbracht Meta bathroom fittings

The Dornbracht Meta bathroom fittings are characterised by their perfect proportions, which lend the reduced design a special expressive strength. A characteristic feature is the slender, single-row spout, the length and projection of which are precisely matched to the basic body.

The perfect proportions of the spout emphasise the absolute precision of the form and create a harmonious overall appearance. Every aspect of the Dornbracht Meta bathroom fittings has been carefully thought out and coordinated to ensure an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

The slender spout blends seamlessly into the overall design and underlines the minimalist aesthetic of the Meta bathroom fittings. Its reduced design ensures timeless elegance and makes the fitting an eye-catcher in any bathroom.

The Dornbracht Meta bathroom fittings impress with their precise workmanship, down to the smallest detail. The basic geometric shape of the cylinder forms the basis of the design and is worked out with the utmost perfection.

The slender and clear lines of the Meta bathroom fittings lend them a timeless elegance. Every radius and curve is precisely designed to create a harmonious overall appearance. The fittings exude a certain sophistication and are an expression of craftsmanship at the highest level.

The precise workmanship of the Meta bathroom fittings is evident in every facet. Every detail is designed with great care to ensure seamless integration into the bathroom design. From the smooth finishes to the finely crafted transitions, the attention to detail is reflected.