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Excellent Shop Award 10 Years

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Geberit Brenta

Geberit Brenta washbasin fittings offer a first-class solution for drawing tap water in public and semi-public areas. They are specially designed for installation in Geberit mounting elements for washbasins and offer reliable performance.

The electronic wall fitting with flush-mounted function box is an outstanding feature of the Geberit Brenta washbasin fittings. This innovative technology enables convenient and user-friendly operation. With just a few touches, you can control the water supply and set the desired temperature.

The Geberit Brenta washbasin fittings are versatile and can be used to connect both hot and cold water (only for models with mixer or thermostatic mixer) and cold or mixed water (only for models without mixer). This ensures maximum flexibility depending on the requirements of your project.

Another advantage of Geberit Brenta basin fittings is their compatibility with stainless steel basins. Whether you prefer a modern design or a robust construction, these fittings are a perfect match for stainless steel basins and offer seamless integration.

Special features of the basin fittings

Geberit Brenta fittings offer a wide range of functions and features that make them an outstanding choice. With their automatic flush trigger and infrared user detection, they are extremely practical and user-friendly.

The IR sensor of the Geberit Brenta fittings is self-adjusting, ensuring reliable user detection. This ensures a responsive and precise water supply. In addition, the fittings are vandal-proof, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.

Another feature of the Geberit Brenta fittings is the flow rate limitation provided by the jet regulator. This helps to save water by efficiently regulating the flow. For models with mixer or thermostatic mixer, the temperature setting via the mixer enables precise adjustment of the desired water temperature. This makes it possible to obtain a pleasant mixture of hot and cold water.

Advanced functions of the fittings

Geberit Brenta fittings also offer advanced safety features. Models with thermostatic mixers have a thermostat that allows the water temperature to be limited to 42°C to prevent scalding. In addition, thermal disinfection enables hygienic cleaning of the fittings.

The Geberit Brenta fittings are powered by a power supply unit. They have an energy-saving mode that optimises energy efficiency and thus reduces energy consumption. Thanks to the responsive dual-jet scanning technology, the fittings also save water.

The functions of the Geberit Brenta fittings can be set and queried with the Geberit service mobile phone. In addition, the integrated Bluetooth interface enables device settings and operation with a mobile device via the Geberit Control App. The fittings can be networked wired via the Geberit Gateway via GEBUS converter or wirelessly via Bluetooth with the Geberit Gateway. They are also compatible with Geberit Connect.

In addition, the Geberit Brenta fittings offer various programmable functions such as water saving and interval flushing. These functions allow individual adaptation to requirements and contribute to the efficiency and durability of the fittings .

Geberit Brenta wall-mounted fittings

Geberit Brenta wall-mounted fittings work in a functionally safe, clean and reliable manner.

In semi-public and public sanitary areas, it is of utmost importance to have fittings that are hygienic, easy to clean and safe. Brenta wall-mounted fittings meet these standards and also offer economical and durable solutions that exceed the high requirements in this area.

Hygiene is a key aspect in public sanitary areas, and Brenta wall-mounted fittings are designed to meet the highest hygiene standards. As they are non-contact, direct contact with the fittings is avoided, reducing the spread of germs and bacteria. Using infrared technology, the fittings automatically detect the presence of users and activate the water supply without the need for manual intervention. This ensures a hygienic and comfortable user experience.

Another advantage of Geberit wall-mounted fittings is their ease of cleaning. The smooth surfaces and modern design allow for easy cleaning and disinfection. The fittings are designed so that dirt and deposits can be easily removed, making maintenance and servicing easier.

The wall-mounted fittings also stand out for their reliability. They have been specially developed for use in heavily frequented areas and meet the high requirements for durability and functionality. With their robust construction and high-quality materials, they are designed to withstand the stresses of daily use and ensure a long service life.

In addition, Geberit Brenta wall-mounted fittings offer economical solutions. Thanks to their efficiency and water savings, they help to reduce operating costs. The fittings feature intelligent flow rate limitation, which optimises water consumption without compromising performance.

Geberit Brenta single-lever mixer

The Geberit Brenta single-lever mixer without battery or mains offers an innovative solution for touch-free operation of washbasin fittings. With its generator power supply, it operates without a mains or battery and uses the flowing force of the water in the pipe to generate electrical energy.

This self-sufficient energy supply is particularly recommended for environmentally conscious builders who value sustainability and ecology. The Geberit generator makes it possible to install touchless fittings even in places where a mains connection is not available or would involve a great deal of effort. In addition, regular battery replacement is no longer necessary, which saves time and resources.

The Brenta single-lever mixer without battery and mains thus offers a reliable and energy-efficient solution for use in various environments, whether in public sanitary facilities, hotels, restaurants or other semi-public areas. With its sophisticated design and self-sufficient power supply, it sets new standards in terms of convenience, sustainability and functionality.

The Geberit Brenta single-lever mixer without battery or mains is a smart choice for anyone looking for an environmentally friendly and efficient fitting system. By using the existing flow of water, they offer a sustainable solution for touch-free operation of washbasin fittings. With Geberit, you can enjoy high-quality products while helping to protect the environment.

Geberit Brenta fittings for individual use

Geberit Brenta fittings for washbasins offer a wide range of operating options to meet individual needs. They are available for both mains and battery operation and offer the flexibility you need. In addition, you have the option of choosing fittings with or without a temperature selector handle, depending on your personal preferences.

The surfaces of the Geberit Brenta fittings are high-gloss chrome-plated, which gives them an attractive appearance. This smooth surface is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also makes the fittings easy to clean. With minimal effort, you can remove dirt and debris to keep the fittings in pristine condition. The compact design of the fittings also ensures that they are easy to maintain and service.

The Geberit Brenta fittings not only offer an attractive design and easy cleaning options, but also outstanding performance. They are reliable and durable, so you can rely on their long-term functionality.

Whether you prefer a mains or battery-powered option, and whether you need a temperature selector handle or not, Geberit Brenta fittings are an excellent choice for your washbasin. They offer both aesthetic and practical benefits to meet your needs and ensure smooth and hygienic use.

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