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Excellent Shop Award 10 Years

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The Perfect Accessories for Bathroom Radiators

In modern bathrooms today, exclusive furnishings and well-regulated underfloor heating are the hallmark features. What could be more delightful than stepping into the bathroom on a cold day and finding the floor already warm? It instantly creates a comfortable atmosphere and sets the tone for the day. However, a bathroom should always be equipped with a radiator. Bathroom radiators are excellent for drying towels and providing extra warmth. Yet, having the right accessories to properly connect the bathroom radiator is equally important.

Design Faucets Showcase the Bathroom Radiator

Nobody likes exposed pipes and connections in the bathroom. For this purpose, the manufacturer Oventrop offers fitting design faucets. This ensures that the bathroom radiator is connected properly and also makes a fantastic visual impression. Available in corner or pass-through forms, in white or chrome, the design faucets seamlessly blend with the rest of the decor, creating a genuine living space ambiance. With these modern faucets, not only is the indoor climate significantly enhanced, but you also save a considerable amount of energy.

Thermostatic Valves and Heads are Essential

A bathroom radiator should always be equipped with the right valves. For certain models, the valve isn't automatically integrated, hence separate thermostatic valves and heads must be used. Here too, there are different models available in various color shades. Both Honeywell Braukmann thera-4 thermostatic heads and Oventrop Uni-SH heads allow for excellent regulation of the radiator's temperature. The different shapes can be chosen to match personal tastes and decor. The corresponding thermostatic valves in 1/2 inch and the appropriate return valves are naturally coordinated with the thermostatic heads. Heimeier, Oventrop, and Honeywell Braukmann are leading in this heating industry segment and thus offer top-quality accessories. This way, a bathroom radiator not only provides pleasant warmth but also delivers satisfaction for many years.

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