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Exclusive Bathtubs from Burgbad

In today's time, the personal bathroom is gaining increasing importance. This is a place where one not only wants to feel comfortable and get ready for the day but also find peace and relaxation. Of course, this can only be achieved if the bathroom is appropriately furnished. But what really belongs to a true relaxation bath? Naturally, a spacious washing area. The modern toilet should also not be missing here, of course. In addition to bathroom furniture and an exclusive shower enclosure, for many people, the bathtub is the ultimate fixture for a well-appointed bathroom.

Burgbad offers more than just elegant bathroom furniture

The manufacturer Burgbad has primarily made a name for itself with exclusive bathroom furniture. However, high-quality bathtubs are also part of this manufacturer's product range. These are the result of the consistent continuation of various washbasin designs with elegant style elements and timeless beauty. The use of mineral cast makes it possible to create a fantastic overall image in combination with the furniture.

Various shapes for many design possibilities

With several different bathtub models, almost any room situation can be perfectly equipped. With sizes of 1950 x 990 mm, 1800 x 800 mm, or even 2040 x 1100 mm, it works very well to make the bathtub the focal point of the bathroom. The exclusive model variants can also be equipped with bathtub furniture in different colors. Whether square or oval, it doesn't matter. With the right bathtub cladding and matching furniture around the washing area, the bathroom quickly becomes an independent living space and thus a true wellness oasis.

Freestanding Mineral Cast Bathtub as an Eye-Catcher

Without a doubt, a freestanding bathtub is a real highlight in a modern bathroom. With the different bathtub designs, Burgbad manages to give the bathroom an entirely new meaning. This place becomes almost magical, and the special atmosphere invites you to spend time here, even for an extended period.