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Laufen Bathtubs: Synonym for Quality and Design

In the world of bathroom fittings, there are names that are immediately associated with quality, innovation, and design. Laufen bathtubs definitely belong to these elite brands. If you want to create an oasis of tranquility in your bathroom, then a bathtub from Laufen could be exactly what you're looking for.

Series: Il Bagno Alessi One – Where Art Meets Functionality

The Il Bagno Alessi One series embodies the perfect fusion of art and functionality. Designed by the renowned designer Stefano Giovannoni, this series is characterized by gentle, organic shapes and a minimalist design.

  • Uniqueness: Each piece in this series has been carefully designed to be a work of art in itself. The flowing lines and understated design bring elegance and sophistication to any bathroom.

  • Versatility: Despite the artistic design, these bathtubs are extremely functional and fit into various room concepts.

Series: Kartell – A Statement of Modern Aesthetics

Laufen and the Italian design company Kartell have joined forces to create a series that embodies modern luxury. The result is breathtaking.

  • Colorful Accents: A special feature of the Kartell series is the colorful accents. Whether you think boldly in bright tones or subtly in pastel colors, there is a bathtub that suits your style.

  • Innovative Materials: The combination of transparent or colored polycarbonate with the glossy white of the bathtub creates a striking contrast.

Freestanding Bathtubs: A Touch of Luxury

Freestanding bathtubs are more than just a functional unit; they are a statement. And in the world of freestanding bathtubs, Laufen sets the standard.

  • Design Highlight: With a freestanding bathtub from Laufen, your bathroom instantly transforms into a luxury spa. Its elegant forms and impeccable finish make it the centerpiece of the room.

  • Flexibility: The advantage of a freestanding tub is that you can place it almost anywhere. Whether in front of a large window, in the middle of the room, or in a cozy corner, it fits anywhere.

Series: Laufen Pro – Classic Meets Modern

The Laufen Pro series combines classic aesthetics with modern features. It's a versatile collection suitable for any bathroom.

  • Timeless Design: With its simple yet elegant design, the Laufen Pro series seamlessly integrates into various room concepts.

  • High-Quality Materials: Just like with all Laufen products, you can also expect the highest quality and durability here.

Series: LUA – Elegance in its Purest Form

The LUA series is the result when timeless design meets top-quality craftsmanship. This bathtub collection impresses with its clean lines and slender silhouette.

  • Minimalism: The LUA series is intended for those who love minimalist design. Each tub is a statement of understatement and elegance.

  • Optimal Comfort: Despite its slim design, the LUA bathtubs offer a deep, comfortable reclining area that invites relaxation and lingering.

Laufen has established itself as a leading name in the bathroom industry with its various series. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist, classic, or avant-garde style, Laufen offers a bathtub that meets your requirements. It's not just about aesthetics, but also about comfort and functionality. With a Laufen bathtub, you're investing in a piece that will not only be current and stylish today but also for many years to come. This turns every bathroom into an experience and your bathroom into your very own retreat.