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Hans Grohe rain showers: The Raindance series

The revolution in showering

Hans Grohe, a pioneer in the sanitary industry, has ushered in a new era in the shower experience with the Raindance series. This series stands for innovative technology, outstanding design and an incomparable shower experience.

Hans Grohe rain showers: synonymous with quality and innovation

Since their introduction, Raindance rain show ers have been synonymous with the highest quality and innovation. They combine advanced technology with elegant design to offer an incomparable showering experience.

The technology behind the pleasure

Raindance showers use advanced technologies such as AirPower and QuickClean. AirPower mixes water with air to create larger and softer water droplets that gently envelop the body. QuickClean makes it possible to simply wipe away limescale deposits from the silicone nozzles.

Design meets function: the aesthetics of the Raindance series

The design of the Raindance series is timeless and adapts seamlessly to any bathroom style. From slimline hand showers to large overhead showers - every variant is an eye-catcher.

Variety of models: the right one for every taste

The Raindance series offers a wide range of models. From the Raindance S 120 to the Raindance E 400, each shower has its own characteristics and advantages.

Hans Grohe rain showers: An experience for all the senses

The shower experience with a Raindance shower is more than just cleansing - it is relaxing and revitalizing. The even and gentle rain jet makes you feel like youre under a warm summer rain.

Spray types: from gentle to invigorating

The Raindance showers offer various spray types. From gentle RainAir to massaging Whirl - there is a suitable setting for every mood and every need.

Sustainability and efficiency: EcoSmart technology

Hans Grohe is committed to sustainability. The EcoSmart technology in the Raindance showers reduces water consumption without sacrificing the showering experience.

Save water without sacrificing comfort

Thanks to EcoSmart, Raindance showers use up to 60% less water than conventional products. This is good for both the environment and your wallet.

Installation and care: user-friendly and durable

Installing Raindance showers is straightforward and suitable for any standard shower. Thanks to the high-quality materials and QuickClean technology, maintenance is simple and efficient.

Long-lasting enjoyment of quality

Thanks to their durability and easy maintenance, Hans Grohe rain showers offer long-lasting pleasure. With regular care, they look like new even after years.

The Raindance series from Hans Grohe has redefined showering and offers a luxurious, long-lasting and pleasant experience that makes the start of the day or the end of the evening something special.

Rain shower: hansgrohe Raindance shower system

If you are thinking of a shower experience that is more than just a simple refreshment - one that starts or ends the day with a touch of luxury - then the hansgrohe Raindance shower system is just the thing for you.

Generous spray discs: Showering pleasure in XXL

The key to a luxurious shower experience lies in the size and quality of the spray disc. The Raindance shower heads impress with their large spray discs, which ensure a special shower experience - XXL Performance. This gives you the feeling of standing under a warm summer rain, with every drop tingling and relaxing on your skin. Whether overhead or hand showers, the high-quality construction and design of hansgrohe are immediately recognizable.

Raindance Select - showering pleasure at the touch of a button

While conventional shower heads are often awkward to use, Raindance Select technology offers a comfortable and simple showering experience. Using the Select button, integrated into the handle of the hand showers or in the center of the spray disc on the overhead showers, you can select the desired spray at the touch of a button. This purely mechanical technology not only stands for durability, but also for uncomplicated and intuitive handling.

Choose the hansgrohe Raindance shower system with technology that inspires and saves water. Sustainability and enjoyment are not mutually exclusive. hansgrohe Raindance showers are equipped with AirPower technology. The principle is simple but ingenious: the water is enriched by drawing in air via the spray disc, resulting in a soft, sparkling shower spray. This not only ensures an intense feeling of well-being, but also reduces water consumption. In this way, hansgrohe combines ecology with maximum showering comfort.

The shower system from hansgrohe offers easy cleaning for lasting pleasure. hansgrohe also sets new standards in terms of cleaning with its shower heads. QuickClean technology makes it easy to remove limescale and other deposits from the shower heads silicone nubs. For more stubborn stains, hansgrohe offers an innovative solution: the spray disk of the shower head can simply be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher. This ensures long-lasting enjoyment and optimum performance of your shower head set.

Rain shower hand showers from hansgrohe Raindance: award-winning design meets proven quality

The way we refresh ourselves every day has evolved enormously over the years. With hansgrohe Raindance, you can now enjoy shower experiences that set standards in terms of both design and quality.

With the Raindance Select hand showers, showering comfort is in the palm of your hand. One of the outstanding features of the hansgrohe Raindance series is undoubtedly the hand showers. They combine an award-winning design with the proven quality for which hansgrohe is renowned. Each hand shower is equipped with the intuitive Select button, which allows you to switch between three luxurious spray modes. Imagine the water gently caressing your body in the form of the RainAir jet, while the Rain jet refreshes and invigorates you. And if you want a more powerful massage, the Whirl jet is just the thing for you.

Choose from two size options - 120 mm or 150 mm diameter - and choose the finish that best suits your bathroom, be it white/chrome or classic chrome.

Rain shower: Raindance Select Showerpipe - Systematized showering pleasure

When it comes to shower systems, hansgrohe once again sets the gold standard with the Raindance E and Raindance Select series. It is not just a shower head, but a complete shower set that revolutionizes your daily showering experience. The set includes both an overhead shower and a hand shower, accompanied by an intuitive thermostat.

The ability to choose between six different spray types is a game changer. Three jet types come from the overhead shower, with the rain shower heads in particular offering an unparalleled showering experience. The remaining three jets are reserved for the hand showers, giving you the control and flexibility to switch according to your mood and needs.

For those who want to pamper the eye as much as the body, Raindance shower systems are available in a variety of finishes: The shiny chrome, the fashionable white/chrome and the elegant glass of the Raindance E series, which adds an exclusive touch to any bathroom.

hansgrohe Raindance: High-quality shower comfort with a wellness factor

The hansgrohe Raindance shower system is not just a product, but a statement for all those who see showering as a wellness moment and at the same time value sustainability and quality. With its generous spray discs, Select technology and sustainable AirPower technology, hansgrohe sets new standards in the shower head sector and offers showering pleasure in a class of its own. If you are looking for a shower head set that combines comfort, design and technology, hansgrohe Raindance is the right choice.

The shower is often the place where we start or end the day - a place to relax, reflect and recharge. If you are looking for a rain shower set that is not only functional, but also impresses in terms of design and quality, then the hansgrohe Raindance systems are just right for you.

The hand showers impress with their award-winning design and offer an individually tailored shower experience thanks to their different spray types and size options. At the same time, the shower head set ensures a seamless and luxurious shower experience with its diverse functions and intuitive operation.

At a time when our everyday lives can often be hectic and overwhelming, everyone deserves to retreat to their own personal oasis of comfort and well-being. With hansgrohe Raindance hand showers and shower systems, this daily ritual becomes an experience youll look forward to again and again. Its not just a shower; its a daily escape into a world of luxury and well-being. It is the hansgrohe Raindance shower system.