Hansgrohe Axor Bathtubs

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Setting New Accents with a Hansgrohe Axor Bathtub

Modern bathrooms stand out with an exclusive selection of individual furnishings. Of course, the washing area holds great importance. However, it's also highly crucial for many individuals to have an exclusive bathtub in the bathroom. With a Hansgrohe bathtub, it's possible to completely transform the bathroom's atmosphere.

Various Models for a Stylish Ambience

Hansgrohe offers luxurious models made from different materials that bring a unique exclusivity to the bathroom. Whether freestanding, built-in, or wall-mounted, there's no problem at all. With a Hansgrohe bathtub, one can unleash their own ideas and preferences. The material selection is fantastic as well. Acrylic is available, as is mineral cast or polyester sandwich material. Regardless of the choice made, all tubs feature an easy-to-maintain surface.

Furnishing Spacious Bathrooms with Elegant Tubs

The Axor Massaud bathtub is freestanding and, with a length of 1900 mm, creates perfect accents in the bathroom. Especially thanks to the floor-standing single-handle tub mixer, an incredible overall picture emerges. The curved shape makes the bath a truly exceptional experience. The angular variant of the Axor Zitterio tub is also very successful. With dimensions of 1700 x 915 mm, relaxation is guaranteed. Axor Urquiola's form is reminiscent of a washtub, but it offers complete luxury. With a length of 1800 mm, this freestanding tub becomes the ultimate place for wellness and rejuvenation. If you prefer ample space in the bathtub, you might opt for the Amor Bouroullec built-in tub. With nearly 2000 mm, multiple people can enjoy the splendid water to the fullest.

The Bathroom as an Oasis of Calm and Relaxation

Especially in today's hectic times, it's crucial to have a place of calm and relaxation within our own four walls. The bathroom is perfectly suited for these purposes. When appropriately equipped, it offers all the advantages and invites you to linger.