Geberit Duofix flush-mounted cistern UP320 corner element

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  • Duofix encoder UP UP flush-mounted box UP320 corner element
  • Building height 112 cm
  • Width 50 - 76 cm
  • For mounting as corner element in front of drywall, solid, Duofix or GIS wall
  • For free-standing mounting with one-sided wall connection
  • Suitable for floor construction 0 - 20 cm

  • Dry construction element
  • Self-supporting
  • Frame powder coated, Geberit colour blue
  • Ceramic fixings M12, fixing distance 18 cm or 23 cm
  • Foot supports with cm - grid - marking, galvanized height adjustable
  • Foot supports inserted for lateral distortion of the sewage pipe
  • Wall WC bow depth adjustable in 8 positions,
  • Adjustment range 45 mm ,Mounting sound
  • Foot plate, rotatable, for installation in UW50 and UW75 profiles
  • Profiles for fixing to the wall and fixing of
  • Panelling supports extendable on both sides by 10 cm
  • Extension profiles with raster marking
  • wall mounting variable 30° to 60°
  • Panelling support at front, top and sides
  • element dimensions can be varied
  • Frame with axle centre marking
  • UP-box UP320 with operation from the front
  • Up-box for tool-free assembly and tool-free service
  • UP-box sweat water condensed
  • Building protection for serviceöopening can be mounted without tools and removed without tools
  • Spül quantity adjustable
  • In case of factory setting, immediate rinse possible
  • Rear/top water connection in the middle
  • Connecting hose to angle valve can be screwed without tools
  • push bars soundproofed, tool-less quick adjustment
  • 2-quantities flushing with operating plate Sigma50, Sigma20, Samba or Bolero
  • 1-quantities flushing with operating plate Sigma10
  • Spül-Stopp-Spülung with operating plate Rumba, Mambo or Tango

    Technical data:
  • Spül quantity factory setting 6 and 3 l
  • Small flushing volume Adjustment range 3/4 l
  • Large flushing volume Adjustment range 6/7.5 l

    Scope of delivery:
  • Universal water connection R 1/2" with integrated
  • Corner valve and handwheel (MeplaFix fähig), empty pipe water supply line for Balena shower WC,
  • Protective plug, kit for electrical connection, construction protection for service opening, removable,
  • 2 Threaded rods M 12 for ceramic mounting,
  • PE Wall-mounted WC connection 90 mm
  • PE Ück Ø 90 / 110 mm
  • PE Connection set Ø 90 mm,
  • wall connection for free-standing mounting
  • fastening material
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Geberit Duofix flush-mounted cistern UP320 corner element

3-4 Days

Geberit Duofix flush-mounted cistern UP320 corner element