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Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort Complete WC system, flush-mounted, wall-mounted WC

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  • For comfortable and odourless WC use
  • For nourishing cleaning with water in the anal and vaginal area


  • Flueless WC-ceramics with TurboFlush-Spül technology
  • Deep well WC with dirt-repellent ceramic surface
  • WC seat and WC lid with SoftClosing
  • WC lid with SoftOpening
  • Opening and closing of the WC lid without any movement
  • WC seat with fast-heating WC seat heating
  • Temperature of the WC seat heating adjustable
  • Activation of the orientation light at approach
  • Orientation light in seven colours adjustable
  • User recognition
  • Odour extraction with ceramic honeycomb filter can be activated
  • Odour extraction with follow-up function
  • Anal shower with double WhirlSpray shower technology
  • Seperate charge in protected rest position
  • oscillating shower (automatic pre- and oscillating movement of the shower arm) adjustable
  • Shower spray adjustable in five steps
  • Shower arm positionable in five stages
  • Automatic pre and post cleaning of the shower with fresh water
  • Hybrid hot water system with instantaneous water heater and DHW cylinder
  • Settable temperature of the shower water
  • Decalcification program
  • Föhn switchable
  • Föhnarm extendable
  • Temperature of the Föhns adjustable
  • Four programmable user profiles
  • Functions and settings via remote control
  • Water connection laterally left concealed behind WC ceramic
  • external mains connection, with right hand socket possible
  • External water outlet, on the left side with accessories
  • mains connection with three-core flexible sheathed cable, hidden on the right side behind WC ceramic
  • Approval according to EN 1717 / EN 13077

Scope of supply

  • Water connection set for Geberit Sigma flush-mounted flush box 12 cm and Geberit Omega flush-mounted flush box 12 cm
  • Coupling socket for mains connection
  • Spray protection
  • Decalcifying agent 125ml
  • Cleaning set
  • Connection set for WC, diameter: 90mm
  • Remote control with wall bracket and battery CR2032
  • fastening material

Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort

The Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort is an outstanding WC system that impresses with its first-class features and innovative functions. With its complete and high-quality equipment, including odour extraction and warm-air dryer, it sets new standards in terms of comfort and hygiene.
The Mera Comfort version offers additional functions that make the shower experience even more pleasant. These include a WC seat heater that makes the seat feel comfortable, a touch-free WC lid automatic that allows the lid to be opened and closed effortlessly, and an orientation light in different shades that creates a pleasant atmosphere in the bathroom.
The Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort is available in two versions: with an elegant chrome-plated or a timeless white cover. This allows you to adapt the design of the WC system to your individual preferences and the design of your bathroom.

Geberit shower WC

The innovative Geberit shower toilet is equipped with a wide range of functions that offer you a first-class and comfortable showering experience.
The WhirlSpray shower technology of the Geberit shower toilet ensures thorough and gentle cleaning. The water is distributed with a spiral movement for optimum cleaning action and a pleasant feeling of freshness.
The shower toilet has a separate ladies' shower for added comfort and cleanliness, specially designed to meet the needs of ladies.
With the integrated warm air dryer, you can let yourself dry comfortably after cleaning. This way you can reduce the need of toilet paper.
The remote control and the associated app enable convenient control of all functions of the Geberit shower toilet. You can programme individual user profiles and adjust the settings according to your personal preferences.
With five adjustable pressure levels, you can individually adjust the water pressure to achieve the best cleaning result. The shower arm position and shower water temperature are also adjustable for a customised shower experience.
Another remarkable feature of the Geberit shower toilet is the oscillating shower. This movement of the water jet ensures a more thorough and even cleaning and increases well-being while showering.

WC with shower function

The WC with shower function is a revolutionary WC system that offers you an exceptional cleaning experience. The integrated shower function takes traditional toilet use to a new level.
Instead of toilet paper, the shower function enables thorough cleaning with water. Gentle and precise water jet technology ensures effective and hygienic cleaning of the intimate area.
The various settings of the WC with shower function will meet your personal needs. You can customise the shower water temperature, water pressure and shower position, which guarantee an outstanding cleaning experience.

Other features of the Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort

The Geberit WC is also distinguished by additional features, such as a separate ladies' shower.
You can also control your shower toilet via a remote control or an app.
Cleaning the AquaClean WC is also easy and hygienic. A number of models feature rimless ceramics, which allow for easy cleaning and reduce the formation of deposits.
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Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort Complete WC system, flush-mounted, wall-mounted WC

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Geberit AquaClean Mera Comfort Complete WC system, flush-mounted, wall-mounted WC